Curriculum Vitae of a concerned Internet citizen

 Name: Jan Žorž 
International spelling: Jan Zorz or ZZorzz 
Address: Retece 221 
4220, Skofja Loka, Slovenia 

Official biography (for press) 

Jan Zorzaaa

Objectives, titles and positions: :)

May 15th 2020 to now - V.P. of 6connect Labs.

January 2020 and onwards - CEO of NET42 d.o.o., CEO of Go6 Institute. IPv6 consultancyi.

Internet Society** December 2012 - December 2020 - Full time employee at Internet Society (ISOC), Deploy360 team (Operational Engagement Programme Manager), working from home office in Slovenia.

IPv6 Awareness: Actively involved in generic world-wide IPv6 introduction, awareness, implementation and getting IPv6 to criticall mass of deployment a.s.a.p.

IPv6 Activism: Founder and CEO of Slovenian Go6 Institute.

IPv6 Consultancy: Showing the right directions, choices and architectures in application/service/network transition planing from IPv4 to dual-stack (IPv4/IPv6), as needed by content, hosting or service providers. Experience with big IPv6 deployments at operators, content providers and other entities.

IPv6 frequent flyer: Speaking around the world at various conferences and events about general IPv6 issues and deployment and also about excellent IPv6 work done in Slovenia.

Co-authored "A+P approach" IETF RFC6346 with Randy Bush (IIJ), Olaf Maennel (T-labs), Luca Cittadinii (Universita di Roma), Steven M. Bellovin (Columbia University), Gabor Bajko, Teemu Savolaineni (both Nokia), Mohammed Boucadair (France Telecom) and Reinaldo Penno (Juniper). This is A+P architecture document, describing different approaches (stateless and stateful)

Primary co-author of IPv6 procurement document, known as RIPE-501, titled "Requirements for IPv6 in ICT equipment". Replacement document was already confirmed and will get a new RIPE number, curently in process. PDF of a confirmed replacement draft.

Co-author and chair of the authors group of IPv6 study for Slovenian Government, titled "Study: Transition to IPv6 (Guidelines for deliberation on the National IPv6 Strategy)". 7 authors, 11 key questions, many answers.
Document is translated and available also in English language.

Holding governmental security clearance approval to access confidential classified information.

IPv6 Ready Logo:
- member of IPv6 Ready Logo committee
- IPv6 Ready Logo Regional Officer
- representative of Go6Lab as a partner in BOUNDv6

R&D of DSMIP6-TLS with Nokia. Dual-Stack Mobile IPv6 with TLS encryption is a way of doing mobility in IPv6. book publishing proposals reviewer (in IPv6 area)

IEEE  publications reviewer (mainly in IPv6 area)

Member of RIPE Program Committee

Chair of RIPE Program Committee
  • UNIX - Sun/Solaris Administrator
  • UNIX - FreeBSD/Linux Administrator
  • PfSense - firewall Administrator
  • RIPE LIR Administrator
  • Various internet services Administrator
  • Research and implementation of new internet services
  • Experience in live internet video broadcast (Real A/V) from various places around the world.
  • UNIX - several variants, but not in everyday use.
  • IPv6 network services and applications
  • Palo Alto Networks certified trainer - Firewalls
  • Strix Systems metro-mesh WI-FI systems - experienced designer
  • Mikrotik routers (BGP, IPv6, IPv4, OSPF-v*, high-availability...)
Software Skills: 
  • Firewalls: IPFilter, ipfw, pfsense, RouterOS (Mikrotik)...
  • MTA's and other mail software :'s InterMail Kx,'s Post.Office, Postfix (IPv4/IPv6), Sendmail, Zmailer, qpopper, Cyrus, Dovecot (IPv4/IPv6).
  • DNS: BIND 4.x, 8.x, 9.x
  • NNTP: INN, HighWind Cyclone, HighWind Typhoon.
  • ISP misc: SSH, ProFTPd, Wu-FTPd, tripwire, Apache web server, Apache J-SERV, SSL, squid proxy server, NTP, Real A/V, Altavista search engine, NOCOL, Radius, TACACS+, LDAP, Berkley DB, WhitePine Meeting point videoconference server, VCON Videoconference, mpeg video server, wireless email systems, mrouted, mrtg, HSPc, Virtuozzo, Diameter, DNSsec, BGP etc...
  • IPv6 transition mechanisms: NAT-PT/NAPT-PT, pTRTd, radvd, totd, NAT64, DS-Lite, ... First experience with IPv6 in 1998 (patched Solaris box and tunnel to 6bone)
  • IPv6: Everything else :)
IPv6 development, implementations, planning and consultancy: 
As we know, IPv4 address space depletion at IANA happened on 3. February 2011 and we should prepare and implement IPv6. Strong proponent of "doing it right" migration procedure. Consultancy for content, hosting and service providers about how to "do it right" and in cost-effective and efficient way.
  • - iniciative for development and migration to IPv6 protocol in Slovenia
  • Primary author (co-authoring with Sander Steffann) of official RIPE-NCC BCP document RIPE-501 - "Requirements For IPv6 in ICT Equipment". This document was a big success and is now translated in more than 10 languages. It is used for ICT equipment procurement process at many enterprises, operators and also some governments.
  • Next version of RIPE-501 document, co-authoring with Sander Steffann and Merike Kaeo, now published as RIPE-554.
  • A+P approach IETF RFC6346 - co-authored IETF RFC6346 with Randy Bush (IIJ), Olaf Maennel (Longoborough university), Luca Cittadini, Steven Bellovin, Gabor Bajko (Nokia), Teemu Savolainen (Nokia), Mohammed Boucadair (France Telecom) and Reinaldo Penno (Juniper). This draft discusses the possibility of address sharing by treating some of the port number bits as part of an extended IPv4 address (Address plus Port, or A+P).
  • R&D of DSMIP6-TLS with Nokia (NRC). Dual-Stack Mobile IPv6 with TLS encryption is a way of doing mobility in IPv6. Set up a Home Agent server in Slovenia, researching possibilities of new services in real mobility environment.
RIPE procedures consultancy
Created or helped create several LIRs in Slovenia and was actively involved in process of LIR setup and getting resources for LIR from RIPE.
  • SiOL LIR (now Telekom of Slovenia)
  • Select Technology LIR
  • Telargo LIR
  • Domenca LIR
  • Mobiltel IPv4 resources (/14)
  • Simobil IPv4 resources (/15)
  • Xenya LIR
Internet and Multimedia (live, on demand, event coverage): 
Difficult projects, as live coverage from Himalaya in general (extremly hard conditions - high moisture, minus degrees, high altitude, wilderness), live streams from Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Internet coverage of TransAustralia footRace in heat and sand of desert -  in short, extreme sport events in extreme conditions for "the actor" and for technical equipment and staff....
  • - Dhaulagiri live '99 ( Tomaz Humar - Solo ascent in south wall of Dhaulagiri, first in history, most dangerous wall in the world, called Death zone, world famous achievement)
  • - Lhotse live 2000 (Ascent on 4th highest mountain)
  • - Ski Everest Live 2000 (First time in history to ski from the top of Mt. Everest to basecamp without taking off skis, world famous achievement, first time live video internet stream from Himalaya.)
  • - Race of fire - 4500km foot race in extreme heat across Australia (from Perth to Camberra)
  • - Internet reportage of sunken German desant boat in Slovenian sea.
  • - Solo flight with ultralight plane without additional air support from Slovenia over vast wilderness of Siberia (Russia) to Kamchatka and forward across the Bering Strait to Alaska, Canada, over Greenland to Iceland, England and back to Slovenia. Crazy and extreme. Planned live streams, live coverage and much more...

  • Unfortunately, most of this sites are down and dead by now, they were meant as short time project support and then SiOL recycled the servers...

Sept. '92 - ??? '94: TAC Communications - 2 years of employment

Instalation and design of various types of networks (RS232, DEC423, 10BaseT, 100BaseT, Category5, ...)

Experience with:
DEC, Lantronix and Emulex terminal servers, little bit of DEC VAX administration, repairing 20mA communications loops, physical installations of networks, etc...


??? '94 - Apr. `96: Telecom Slovenia, unit Nova Gorica - Novell Administrator.
Responsible for 3 Novell servers and whole computer network in our Telecom unit, cca. 200 people. 
Administration of:
Novell servers, local user's machines, printers, ...

Internet access and common internet usage for local users.


Apr. `96 - Dec '99: Telecom Slovenia, Internet unit (SiOL). System Administrator.
Responsible for 15 Sun servers, most of internet services and research/implementation of new services. Started and built SiOL Internet from scratch (consequent number 3 in company).

All Sun/Solaris servers (OS).
Intermail KX Business edition (
Post.Office (
Most ISP-default services (Apache, ntp, mirror, ftp, etc....)
Real A/V Business server.
News server hub and news server reader.
Optimisation and fine tuning of all above for medium sized ISP with 100,000 users.

Everything listed under "installed"

Biggest slovenian ISP internet services policy, implementation, installation and research, started with 0 users (nowadays ~100.000).

Everything listed under "installed"

Experience also with:
A/V multicast (mbone), IPv6 (6bone), HP OpenView system, 2nd level user support.

Dec '99 - Dec '01: SiOL Internet - Technical marketing & Content division.
After succesfull internet coverage Daulaghiri '99 Live (Tomaz Humar) I was transferred from technical department to technical marketing & content division. 

Content servers
Real AV server
Windows media server
Chat and WebChat server ConferenceRoom by Webmaster inc.
Various services needed for my internet live projects.

Everything listed under "installed"

Content and content services (A/V) on our portal , operations and logistics for extreme live coverage of extreme events. 

Everything listed under "installed" and under "installed" in previous chapter.

Experience also with:
Video editing software (Vegas video, Adobe Premiere, DV Studio).
Various A/V encoders and servers.
Experimented with Packet video platform.
Great interest in implementing content over mobile networks.

Feb '02 - 31.12.2006: Select technology d.o.o. - Senior sys admin and project manager.
Unix & Real AV systems :)

Several Sun servers
Several Linux servers
Several FreeBSD servers
Helix mobile server
PacketVideo server
Helix DRM (Digital rights management)
Veritas HA FS
Virage system
snips - monitoring system
SWsoft HSPc (Hosting Provider Complete)
SWsoft Virtuozzo
Redundant corporate firewall (PfSense w/ CARP)

ISP IP block from RIPE
LIR operations
Mobile GPRS streaming on Helix platform
Mobile GPRS streaming on Packet Video platform
Virage system
Completly new content production and transcoding system for RTV-Slo MultiMedia Centre.
Corporate firewall and security policy

RealAV system on RTV Slo.
Everything listed
under "installed".

Experience also with:
Veritas HA FS
RedHat Linux AS

IP <-> GSM gateway

15.1.2007 to present: Pragma, Jan Žorž s.p. - owner.
Research, development, integration and consulting in area of multimedia, A/V streaming, internet services, ISP operations and all other areas, covered above.

01.06.2009 to present: Go6 institute - slovenian IPv6 initiative - co-founder.
The go6 institute is a not-for-profit institution whose mission is to create an open platform for knowledge and service exchange between its members, and to push IPv6 deployment in Slovenia. The go6 Institute is funded by members that consist of ISPs, content providers, HW vendors, as well as other industry stakeholders. In addition, the go6 Institute runs a v6 lab to test and certify HW and SW on IPv6. The go6 Institute works closely with the Slovenian government, and is currently co-authoring guidelines and a plan of action for IPv6 deployment with Slovenia's Ministry of Science and Technology.

For additional information on the Go6 institute, please visit


Media Appearances:
 TV appearance: 
Interviewed by Slovenian national TV - 2 times (Daulaghiri, Ski Everest)
Press conference speaker at the end of Daulaghiri project. 
Interviewed by POP Tv - 3 times (Daulaghiri, Ski Everest, KEC)
Press conference speaker at the end of Lhotse project.
CNN - Interview about internet coverage of Daulaghiri.
Press conference speaker at the begining and the end of TransAustralia footrace project.

Newspaper and magazines appearance: 
Short interviews for almost all newspapers and magazines about Daulaghiri project.
Long interview about technology and logistics in Daulaghiri for Delo newspaper (information technology).
Viktor '99 for special achievement (media award, small statue).
Short interviews for almost all newspapers and magazines about Ski Everest 2000.
Long interview about technology and logistics in Ski Everest project for Delo newspaper (information technologies part).
Long interview about technology and logistics in Ski Everest project in Connect magazine (mobile communications magazine).
Interviews about TransAustralia footrace coverage (I don't remember, where it was exactly, basicaly in all newspapers and magazines :)
Interview about KEC, I think in two or three newspapers.
I dont keep tracks of all my appearances...

Radio appearance:
Like TV and newspaper appearance, I had several radio interviews, long, short, I don't remember all of them.

December 2001 - Chosen in group of 10 succesfull Slovenian people. Besides me, few names from the group: Franci Kek (Rock Otocec), Danijel Hocevar (film producer), Srecko Katanec (football selector), Natasa Barbara Gracner (actress), etc...  
Here you can read the article - introduction , interview .


Skofja Loka, 10.7.2012